Sell Your House for Top Dollar With Less Heartache & Absolutely NO Headaches!

Finally sell your house, move on with your life, and feel good about it!

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“I would give them 10 stars if I could!”

– Kelley B. [Owens Cross Roads, AL]

Are you sitting on a house that you want to sell but needs work? Maybe you’ve tried talking to cash buyers only to get depressing low-ball offers. Maybe a contractor botched a job and left you to pick up the pieces. Maybe you keep thinking you will find the time or money to take care of it. Or perhaps a major life event has taken place and EVERYTHING outside of merely doing what it takes to survive feels like too much.

That’s why we started our Flip For You service that allows you to sell your home for top dollar without the headaches and without the hassle. And not only that, we offer a “$20k Guarantee” which means you can plan on walking away with at least $20,000 more than you would make selling your house as is.

Who Is This For?

We have worked with and helped all kinds of people in many different situations. They most often find themselves in a place that a conventional sale can’t solve. We developed this option because we can finally truly help people get out of sticky situations – most often ones they didn’t ask for.

The people we typically work with:

  • Just want to get their house sold and move on to the next chapter of their lives
  • Feel held back by all the obstacles in front of them to get their home listed
  • Feel alone and helpless when they even start to think about tackling these obstacles
  • Feel like if they give in to a cash offer they are flushing money down the toilet and giving up on the biggest investment they’ve ever made

What if I told you we could make all those feelings go away? What if I told you we don’t make low-ball offers? And that what we actually do is the opposite? We work with you and tackle all the hard stuff like clean out, overseeing contractors, and negotiating with buyers to get you the best price. And with our $20k Guarantee, if we take on your house you will make at least $20,000 more than if you sold it in its current condition.

We were tired of seeing sellers receiving discounted cash offers and developed our Flip For You service to get you top dollar for your home without lifting a finger.

In short, we get your house market ready for you. We are the real estate experts who will come in and take everything off your plate. All you will have to do is decide what personal belongings you will want to take. We will even cover your mortgage and moving costs.

Things you no longer need to worry about:

  • Clean out and renovation prep
  • Choosing renovations and materials
  • Hiring and managing contractors
  • Paying for expensive repairs
  • Finding the right listing agent
  • Setting list price for a quick sale
  • Marketing it properly
  • Negotiating price and terms
  • Acing inspections
  • Handling repair requests

What if you had a real estate watchdog overseeing the whole sale process? When you choose our Flip for You service you will get a second pair of eyes on what the property lists for, what the listing says, all the offers that come in, and so much more! We will go to bat for you when it comes time to negotiate and handle the stickiest part of the process. It’s like you’re hiring a seasoned house flipper on your team as your advocate. We are the experts that are in the trenches with you.

You might be thinking to yourself “This seems too good to be true.” Or “How is this possible?”

We know for a lot of people, it’s like their prayers have been answered, and they’re left looking over their shoulders. We get it. The reason this is possible is because our process is drastically different than everyone else.

Instead of buying the house from you, renovating it, and selling it, we PARTNER with you. This saves us on operating costs and leaves us room to pay you more. So much room that we will pay your mortgage during the entire project and even front your moving costs if needed. We love working like this because it’s a true win/win.

Want To See How It Works?

I’ve put together a full summary of one of our most recent projects where we were able to help a homeowner make an extra $27,000 on his house – without any extra effort!

And I’ve made it available for you in video and report format.

Get answers to the most common questions:

  • Do you need a real estate agent?
  • How much do we charge?
  • How much extra effort is required from you?
  • Can you live in the house during the process?
  • Do you have to pay for anything along the way?
  • How is this different than a cash offer?
  • How the process works from start to finish
  • How all the numbers work
  • If it’s financially worth it to work with us
  • What exactly our service includes
  • Which types of renovations we focus on