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We Will Flip Your House For You!

What if you could be completely hands-off through the entire renovation and sales process? Our exclusive Flip For You program makes that possible!

We get your home market-ready and then get it sold. And the best part – You get the profit from selling for top dollar without the effort!

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How Our Flip For You Program Works

Selling your house for cash is a simple way to go, but that often comes with a massive discount. If you want to make as much money as possible from your home (and who doesn’t?), your best option is to sell to a retail buyer.

What does selling to a retail buyer involve?

It is a more complicated process than selling for cash. It involves:

  • Updating your home
  • Estimating its value
  • Marketing it properly
  • Listing with a real estate agent
  • Fielding offers
  • Negotiating price and terms
  • Making it through inspections
  • Handling request for repairs
  • Hoping nothing falls through

When You Work With Us, You Don’t Have To Do Any Of That!

Here’s What We’ll Do For You When You Sign Up Today.

  • Fully renovate your home to be market-ready
  • Perform a market analysis to set the perfect list price
  • Provide staging furniture so it sells faster and for more money
  • List it on the MLS to attract the buyers that will pay the most
  • Negotiate for the best offer
  • Navigate the inspection period and request for repairs

Plus These Bonuses:

  • We cover all of the renovation costs and get paid at closing.
  • We’ll even pay your mortgage throughout the process!

Why In The World Are We Offering This Service?

You’ve likely been bombarded by investors that want to “buy your house for cash.” And that can be the right fit for some people.

But what we’ve discovered is that model only works for a small percentage of the market.

Most people don’t want to deal with renovating their house, but they also don’t want to take a huge loss selling it as is.

That’s Why We Started Our Flip For You Program!

This allows you to make tens of thousands more from your house while still enjoying the benefits of an as is sale.

Your Benefits From Having House Flippers Work For You

By having us on your team, you get to leverage our team and experience from flipping dozens of houses in this market over the last five years.

  • All-Star Team Of Contractors
  • Streamlined Renovation Process
  • Knowledge Of Which Upgrades Make A Difference
  • Connections With The Top Agents In This Market
  • Professional Staging
  • Experts At Negotiating For The Best Offer
  • Experienced With Inspection Period And Getting To Closing

Our Rock-Solid $20K Guarantee

When you work with us, we guarantee you will make at least $20K more than you could make selling your house as is.

Here’s What Our Clients Have To Say About Us

Your Bonus For Signing Up Today

If you book your call today, we will waive our normal startup fee for paperwork and admin.

Plus, we understand that it would likely help to have some of the profit from your house today. That’s why if you get started now we will pay you $5,000 of your profit upfront!

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Because we put so much effort into helping everyone we work with, we can only take two clients per month.

We have a spot open right now, but sign up today for it fills up!

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Here’s what you’ll get from our call:

  • Full Analysis Of Your House – We’ll look at market data and come up with an estimate of what your house could sell for in tip-top shape.
  • Renovation Advice – I’ll take the information you give me about the condition of your home and give you a roadmap for getting it renovated.
  • Strategy Based On Your Goals – I will ask you about your goals and give you my best recommendation to achieve them.
  • Opportunity For An In-Person Appointment – If it seems like our Flip For You program is a good fit for you, we can schedule a time to meet at your house to discuss it further.

This is a value-packed call that is only for people serious about selling their house in the near future. There is absolutely no pressure or obligation, but expect to leave with much more clarity on achieving your goals.

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