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We’re Melissa & Jordan…

and we’re going to tell you how we went from mechanical engineers to Real Estate Engineers.

From Sitting Behind A Desk To Swinging Hammers – Our Story

We’ve always wanted to be different and not meet the status quo, and working behind a desk at an engineering job was never going to meet that. Real estate is the perfect combination of having a creative outlet while still implementing structure and procedures to see a product from start to finish. So yes, we still like to geek out when talking about angles, load bearing walls, and electrical circuits.

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Meet Melissa With Momentum Property Solutions

Melissa Fulmer

Co-Founder, Task Manager, Design Specialist, Relationship Manager

Melissa manages all tasks of the business to make sure everything is running smoothly. When meeting with you, she focuses on developing a true relationship to make sure that your offer is personalized to you.

Melissa’s Story – A Dream That’s Always Been There

“Since childhood, I’ve always had the desire to own my own company because I loved helping people. I just never knew exactly how it would happen. When my friend at work started his own company and left his job, it really opened my eyes to see that going against the grain can allow you to make a much larger impact in the world. It truly is a completely different mindset to go from working a stable 9-5 job to running a business that depends solely on you. But I love it! And little did I know, real estate had been there the entire time. As a child, my grandma would take me to open houses nearly every Sunday, and I had so much fun. I would be the first to grab the flyer, and I loved looking through all the houses and seeing all of the finishes. Now I use that passion to buy and fix up houses that people love.”

-Melissa Fulmer

Meet Jordan With Momentum Property Solutions

Jordan Fulmer

Co-Founder, Chief Number-Cruncher, Marketing Expert, Jack of All Trades

Jordan will be your first contact with our company. He will be reaching out to you to gather information about the property as well as meeting with you at the appointment. He uses his skills in running numbers to make sure your offer is spot-on. His hands-on experience with many portions of the rehab process allows us to keep the rehab cost down and your offer as high as possible.

Jordan’s Story – From Structural Engineer To Structuring Your Deal

“When going through engineering school, my dream was to make something that was innovative and would bring tremendous value to people. I thought that being an engineer would bring me that opportunity, but as I got into the real world I was sorely disappointed. In corporate America, there is so much red tape involved, and politics in the workplace play such a factor that your hands are tied behind your back. What a let-down! On top of that disappointment, large corporations often crush the spirits of enthusiastic engineers with stress from unrealistic deadlines coupled with the red tape issues I just mentioned.”

How The Dream Became Real (Estate)

“One time on a work trip, a colleague mentioned to me that I should get into real estate. I didn’t know it then, but that conversation changed the trajectory of my life forever. I immediately came home and pitched it to Melissa, and she was ecstatic. She was already ready to do something different, and she had been waiting on me to get on board. The timing was impeccable!”

-Jordan Fulmer

Real Estate – A Journey Of Mountains And Valleys

(More Like Roofs & Crawlspaces)

It’d be nice to say that once we made the switch to real estate, everything went great from then on and all of our problems vanished. But the truth is, we probably had more problems now! The only difference is, we had a new-found passion to push through them and become better on the other side.

For example, the first house we bought was a rental property, and we bought it with traditional financing and had to put over 20% down. While that’s great and all, we were thinking to ourselves, “How in the world are we going to buy more houses when it’s going to take us over a year to save up that much money again?” That fueled or mission to develop creative solutions that help us buy more properties while still providing a great selling option for homeowners. Since then, we’ve bought countless houses all over Madison County using the knowledge we gained. We genuinely think all the problems we have faced have made us more equipped to help people just like you.

A New Type Of Marketing

You’ve most likely received pesky calls or postcards of people wanting to buy your house. Or if you haven’t, you’re well aware of them. Well, that used to be us. The problem is, pretty much every training on buying houses teaches people to do these things. However, we quickly realized that these things don’t work and you’re really just bothering people. That’s why we shifted and made this site for you to come on your own time and figure out what is the best option for you.

We're Not Your Average Home Buyer

Real Estate With An Engineer’s Precision

Engineers are problem solvers, and that hasn’t changed since moving from the office to your kitchen table.

We are still crunching numbers, solving technical problems, and using our hands-on experience to build things. So rest assured, when we run the numbers on your offer, they are going to be on point to an engineer’s satisfaction.

We have a knack for making things run more efficiently. This results in lower overhead and, you guessed it, a better price for your house.

We have an innate desire to see a product from start to finish and will overcome any obstacles in order to get there.

We got into engineering to build things and solve problems, but we were so over constrained by all of the politics and red tape of corporate America that we weren’t able to do that. With real estate, we’re free to use the knowledge we have to make amazing things happen. And when it comes time to make a deal happen, it not a cluster of people (stress analyst, project manager, safety engineer, systems engineer, designer, customer, manufacturing) getting in each other’s way. It’s just you and us, and we think that’s awesome.

Our Pledge To You

We will work hard to give you an all cash offer for your home that allows you to move on with your life. We promise to use all of the skills and experience we’ve gained on our real estate journey to structure a transaction for you that is going meet all your needs and leave you feeling like you were treated with respect. You can count on us to be genuine with you and not just focused on how we can make the most profit. We value people, not profits. But the profit we do make allows us to help more people just like you.

-Jordan & Melissa