Brick Fireplace Ideas

A brick fireplace is a beautiful feature in a home. Whether you are looking for unique architecture, traditional, cozy red brick, rustic whitewash, or a smooth coat of paint, this article is for you!

Grout Removal Tips

From stains and mold to dated colors, replacing grout can be done with a few simple tools. Remove grout like a pro with these tips!

Caulking Tips And Tools

Caulking adds the finishing touch to many home projects and repairs. Choosing the right type of caulk for your project is vital. Learn about types of caulk, best tips, and tricks!
Can the Executor Sell a House in Probate?

Can the Executor Sell a House That Is in Probate?

The loss of a loved one can easily be one of the most difficult events in life. On top of the grief associated with the loss, many families face the stress of managing the deceased person's estate. And unfortunately, the probate process can be very complicated, and finding the answers to pressing questions can be difficult.

Bedroom Ceiling Lights

Choosing the right lighting in any room can make a huge difference. From flush mounts to ceiling fans to chandeliers, see which bedroom ceiling light option is best for you!

Pantry Shelving Ideas

Updating your kitchen pantry shelving can make a huge difference when it comes to storage space. Get organized and maximize your space with these pantry shelving ideas!
Can You Sell a House with a Mortgage?

Can You Sell a House with a Mortgage? See What’s Involved

Perhaps you're considering selling your home, but you haven't paid off the mortgage yet and are worried that will prevent you from selling. This is a common fear. After all, over 60% of the homes in the United States have mortgages on them. Are all these homes unable to sell until their loan balances are paid off?

13 Best Mudroom Bench Ideas

Mudrooms are one of the busiest places in a home. Something as simple as adding a mudroom bench keeps this space organized and clean! Whether you have a large mudroom, or don't have a defined space, there are many options to spruce up the area.
What is Earnest Money in Real Estate

What is Earnest Money in Real Estate? Simple Overview

Earnest money is a common term amongst real estate professionals, but there can be quite a bit of confusion surrounding it for people who don't deal with real estate transactions every day. Many people have questions such as, "Is earnest money refundable?" "How much is enough?" Or, "Does earnest money go toward the down payment?"
Selling a House As Is

How Much Do You Lose Selling a House As Is?

If you're considering selling your house soon, you've likely considered the option of selling it as is. And why not, right? Who wants to deal with the hassle of all those pesky repairs anyway? The thought of selling a house without lifting a finger sounds much better! But in reality, selling as is is not the right solution for everyone, and there are trade-offs associated with it.

Can You Paint Over Wallpaper? Here’s What You Should Know

Wallpaper is a great way to add color and character to a room, but what should you do when it makes your home looked dated and old? Removal can be a long and messy process. Thankfully, you can likely skip that entire process by painting over your unfashionable walls.