19 Best Mailbox Landscaping Ideas

Picture of mailbox surrounded by pink flowers

Mailbox Landscaping

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your yard or are getting ready to sell, mailbox landscaping is the perfect way to add curb appeal. We’ve put together a list of 19 gorgeous mailbox landscaping ideas.

What is mailbox landscaping?

Mailbox landscaping is focused on the aesthetics of your mailbox and the surrounding area. It can include flowerbeds, plants, house numbers, and more.

1. Planters and Baskets

If you’re looking to add some greenery to your mailbox, and want a quick fix, one of the easiest things to do is add planters or a hanging basket. This is a quick solution that doesn’t involve the work of digging a garden bed. This also works well if you do not have lots of grass or space around the mailbox.

Green mailbox with hanging planters on each side

2. Barrel Planter

Another quick mailbox garden idea is using a large barrel. Since these are deeper than many other planters, your flowers have more root space.

3. Mailbox Gardens

If you’re looking for less upkeep, you can purchase a mailbox garden. Since these sit on top of the mailbox, they are easier to maintain because you are not working on the ground, unlike traditional flower beds.

House shaped mailbox with pink flowers on top

4. Climbing Plants

The bright purple flowers on this mailbox are definitely eye catching. Climbing vines and flowers can give you a mailbox surrounded by plants quickly. Keep in mind that because vines grow quickly, they will need trimming.

Green mailbox with purple flowers growing on vines

5. Raised Flower Beds

Raised garden beds allow better soil drainage than traditional garden beds. They also warm quicker in the spring, leading to earlier plant growth.

6. Add A New Post

Adding a new post gives your front yard a clean looking. Choosing one with a planter in the back gives you an easy mailbox garden. The lavender is not only pretty, but it will smell wonderful when it blooms. Lavender is low maintenance and comes back each year. After a few seasons, you should have a full flower bed around your mailbox.

7. Stone Borders

Adding a stone or rock border to your flower bed is a great way to define your mailbox garden.

8. Brick Mailbox

If making a flower bed isn’t an option for you, take advantage of the top of your mailbox and add some colorful flowers.

9. Modern Mailbox

A stained wood mailbox is a perfect way to update your mailbox. Golden house numbers give a modern and classy look. The wood raised flower bed with stones makes for easy upkeep.

10. Flower Bed Edging

Adding a unique shape and thick border around your garden bed will be sure to make it stand out on your street.

11. Personalized Mailbox

A few flowers and an initial on a decorative rock is a quick way to give your mailbox garden a personal touch.

12. Coordinating Colors

Choosing a color scheme is a great idea before starting your mailbox landscape. Pink flowers in planters give the final pop of color. The coordinating colors of the mailbox and the house numbers will make it look put together all year long.

13. Rocks and Ornamental Grasses

Using decorative rocks and ornamental grasses is one of the most low-maintenance mailbox landscaping ideas. Decorative grasses are a great way to fill in empty spots in your mailbox garden. Most are drought-tolerant and pest-free.

14. Concrete Blocks

Repurpose old concrete blocks into a unique mailbox planter.

15. Themed Mailbox

Theming your mailbox is a fun way to add character to your yard. The tropical appeal adds the perfect charm to any mailbox, especially if it were to be rented out as a bed and breakfast. The grass on the bottom adds the perfect amount of low-maintenance greenery to complement the painted mailbox.

Wooden posts, decorative rocks, and a few trinkets make this the perfect nautical mailbox.

16. Colorful Flowers

A flower bed full of colorful perennials is sure to make your mailbox stand out each year.

house shaped mailbox surrounded by a variety of colorful flowers
Joe Comperiati

17. No Green Thumb? No Problem.

One of the easiest ways to decorate your mailbox is with ribbons and garlands– no watering or weeding required. You can purchase premade bows and garlands from craft stores. Ribbons and bows allow you to mix up your mailbox design each season.

Flat mailbox with small Christmas wreath attached to the front
black mailbox with red Christmas ribbon

18.Mailbox Toppers

Mailbox toppers are another way to add curb appeal and personalization without having to landscape.

Fall garland wrapped around metal mailbox

19. Custom Mailboxes

A whimsical mailbox is a great way to create a personal touch to your front yard. Whether you are taking on the project yourself or are working with someone who will build it for you, creating your custom mailbox can be a fun project.

barn shaped mailbox
colorful wood house shaped mailbox with windmill

A Note About Choosing Plants

Annuals Versus Perennials

Generally speaking, flowers are considered annuals or perennials. Annuals are flowers that will only last one season and perennials typically come back each year.

One advantage of annuals is that they are usually very vibrant and eye-catching. An advantage of perennials is that they are usually low maintenance.

Growing Preferences

Things like sunlight, type of flower, and plant height can play a big role when making your selection.

Most people’s mailboxes receive a lot of sunlight. This is important to remember when shopping as some flowers prefer shade.

Things to consider

Be mindful of what type of plants you decide to put around the mailbox. Try and stay away from things that have sharp thorns or attract stinging insects such as bees and wasps. You don’t want your mailbox to be a hazard for passersby.

When planting, make sure you keep the mailbox itself in mind. You don’t want the plants to block it or make it difficult to access. If you have a mailbox with a flag, you will also want to be able to reach it easily.

Final Thoughts

Mailbox landscaping is a great way for you to boost curb appeal and give your front yard a clean look. From choosing flowers or adding mailbox toppers, landscaping around your mailbox is a quick project that will give you the best mailbox on your street!

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