Caulking Tips And Tools

Caulking adds the finishing touch to many home projects and repairs. Choosing the right type of caulk for your project is vital. Learn about types of caulk, best tips, and tricks!

Bedroom Ceiling Lights

Choosing the right lighting in any room can make a huge difference. From flush mounts to ceiling fans to chandeliers, see which bedroom ceiling light option is best for you!

Pantry Shelving Ideas

Updating your kitchen pantry shelving can make a huge difference when it comes to storage space. Get organized and maximize your space with these pantry shelving ideas!

13 Best Mudroom Bench Ideas

Mudrooms are one of the busiest places in a home. Something as simple as adding a mudroom bench keeps this space organized and clean! Whether you have a large mudroom, or don’t have a defined space, there are many options to spruce up the area.

Can You Paint Over Wallpaper? Here’s What You Should Know

Wallpaper is a great way to add color and character to a room, but what should you do when it makes your home looked dated and old? Removal can be a long and messy process. Thankfully, you can likely skip that entire process by painting over your unfashionable walls.

Bathroom Flooring Ideas

A new bathroom floor is one of the best ways to transform your bathroom. Water resistance and durability play key roles in choosing the right flooring material. Some of the best options on the market are tile, luxury vinyl plank, luxury vinyl tile, and sheet vinyl. What makes these better than the rest?

Is Eggshell The Perfect Paint Finish?

One of the best things about eggshell paint is that it is more durable than flat paint. It casts a subtle shine, is easy to clean and hides wall imperfections better than satin.

Flat Paint Explained

Flat paint is the lowest sheen and a great option to use throughout many areas of the home. However, like all paint sheens, it has its pros and cons.

A Guide To Satin Paint

Satin paint is in the middle of the sheen scale, making it the perfect paint sheen for many projects. It is durable, easy to clean, and adds a velvety finish.

Semi Gloss Paint: What Is It?

Choosing the right paint sheen is an important part of any project. There are 5 paint sheens and semi gloss has some definite benefits. What is semi gloss? When should you use it?