Bedroom Ceiling Lights

A cozy and relaxing bedroom is one of the best things to come home to after a long day. In fact, studies show that people sleep better when their bedroom is designed for comfort, temperature, noise levels, and light.

And while lighting is something not always noticed when it’s done right, it is definitely noticed when it’s done wrong.

Quick Tips For Choosing Light Fixtures

Plan ahead – If you are installing overhead lighting, you’ll need to calculate how many lumens you need to properly light the room.

Fixture Design – Not all bedroom light fixtures are created equal. Ceiling fans, for example, often have one dome covering light bulbs, or three to four small glass domes around each angled light bulb. Something as small as this will affect how light is dispersed in your room.

Safe Installation – If you are adding wiring for overhead lighting, ceiling fans, or making major changes to your bedroom ceiling, make sure you know what you’re doing. There are many “how-to” videos and blog articles online, but when in doubt, hire a professional.

What is “Too Bright” For Your Bedroom?

Color temperature is the way the color of light is described. It ranges from warm yellow hues to cool blue shades. Note that the color of light is not an indicator of lamp heat.

Choosing the right bulb is crucial to setting the mood in any room, although bulb choice is highly preferential.

Flush Mount Ceiling Lights

Flush mount lights and semi-flush mount lights are some of the most common light fixtures found in homes. Flush mount dome light fixtures are frequently seen and usually disliked by many. However, there are many new designs for flush mounts that look great in any space.

Some of the benefits of flush mounts is that they provide greater ceiling clearance. This is great for homes with lower ceilings.

Flush mounts also do an excellent job of casting light throughout rooms and require less cleaning due to their design.

Bedroom Ceiling Fans

There are many benefits of having a ceiling fan in bedrooms. They supply the light that you are looking for but also provide air circulation, white noise, and some temperature control.

Ceiling fans come in a variety of light fixture style options. While some have a shade over all bulbs, other fixtures have clear glass, showing individual bulbs. Ceiling fans come in a variety of wood colors and metal options.

Bedroom Chandelier

Chandeliers look beautiful in homes, and bedrooms are no exception. One of the great things about chandeliers is the number of styles and designs that can be found. They look exceptionally good in bedrooms with tall ceilings.

If you are planning on hanging a chandelier, make sure that it hangs at least 7 feet above the ground. Common chandelier placement is in the middle of the room, but they can also be hung above the bed.

Glass Design Fixture

A clear glass dome shape gives a modern, yet clean look to this bedroom. This fixture complements rooms of any style, regardless of colors, patterns, and themes.

Recessed Lighting

One of the best things about recessed lighting is that it is spread evenly throughout your bedroom ceiling. This allows for even illumination and leaves fewer dark spaces.

Since recessed lights are neatly tucked away, light bulb color will be the biggest choice you have to make when it comes to these simple, yet effective light fixtures.

Bedside Pendant Lighting

Bedside lamps are always nice to have in a room. However, they can crowd your nightstand and make your space feel cluttered. Pendant lighting on either side of the bed is a beautiful solution.

Pendants come in a variety of shapes, from modern to minimalist designs. Another great thing about pendants is the adjustable length when hanging.

Bedroom Light Fixtures: Adding Ambience

Ceiling lights really are the most convenient option when it comes to day-to-day living. The entire room is lit with an easy flip of a switch. However, bright ceiling lights can create a harsh tone. Lamps, however, are one of the most important interior design elements.

Lamps create functional areas in rooms and offer soft illumination. Not only that, they require no installation and can easily brighten any space.

Floor Lamps

Not all bedrooms have ceiling light fixtures, and depending on location, installing wiring can be hundreds of dollars. In any bedroom without bedroom ceiling lights, you will need more light than what comes from bedside lighting, and in this case, floor lamps will be your best option.

Floor lamps with shelves are a perfect addition to any bedroom, regardless of if there is an existing bedroom light fixture. Their shelves are the perfect space for adding books, pictures, and other home decor items.

If possible, opt to put a floor lamp near the entrance of your room for functionality. Walking across a dark room to turn on a lamp is not only inconvenient, but it can also lead to trips and falls.


The best bedroom ceiling lights are fixtures that provide adequate lighting over the majority of the room. Whether it is through bedroom chandeliers or a flush mount, ceiling lights come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. Adding the right light fixture to your bedroom can completely change the mood and bring the entire room together!

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