Best Front Porch Planter Ideas For Curb Appeal

One of the best things about front porch planters is how quickly they can transform the front of your house. Something as simple as lining your porch stairs with plant pots and colorful flowers takes your porch from average to exceptional.

After all, your front porch will greet guests before you can. It’s easy to revamp your front porch and boost curb appeal with these simple ideas!

Planter Types

Store bought containers are amongst the easiest front porch planters you can use. They are easy to find and come in a variety of colors and sizes.

Prices for porch planters range and can be very affordable. They come in many different styles, and you are sure to find one that complements your home.

In just a few minutes you can create a porch garden that will instantly boost curb appeal!

Concrete Planters

Some of the most traditional planters are concrete urns. These range from simple to ornate.

Cement and concrete planters are heavy which makes them durable through strong winds and storms. Stone or clay planters also keep plants cool in hot weather.

One thing to remember is that these are heavy before you add any soil, water, or plants. Make sure you have it where you want it before you begin!

Metal Planters

Metal planters have become much more popular in recent years, especially with the popular modern farmhouse style. They contrast textures with the rest of the house and the front porch.

Nothing looks better to entering guests than having curb appeal that matches the theme of your home. Adding a few mismatched pots to go along with the metal planters is a perfect way to add some additional color or your personal style.

Barrel Planters

Some of the benefits to barrel planters is that they are durable and deep. With proper care, these planters can last several years. Many people report they can last up to ten years.

Another benefit to these planters is that they match well with just about any house or style.

The depth of the planters give plenty of room for roots and are great for lush greenery, potted flowers, and even leafy vegetables. With these planters, you can also plant bulb flowers such as tulips.

Tall Planters

Tall planters draw attention, accent your front door, and are a great way to add curb appeal to your home.

Due to height differences, you can also group small and large pots next to each other for a full look if you have the porch space.

Hanging Baskets

Another great porch planter idea is using hanging baskets. Hanging baskets are the easiest and fastest way to boost curb appeal if you already have hooks on your porch. If you don’t, incorporating these is as easy as installing the proper hanging hooks.

These are great because they leave ground space clear if you have a small porch area.

If you already have ground planters, a hanging basket is still a fantastic option to add more greenery to your front porch.

Hanging Deck Rail Planters

Another type of hanging basket that is often overlooked is hanging deck rail planters. These are perfect if you have lots of railing and they look great with bright flowers. They are also very easy to maintain because they are at waist level.

Window box gardens are another beautiful and simple option if you have windows on your porch or the surrounding area that you can easily access.

DIY Porch Planter Ideas

If you are having a hard time finding what you are looking for, or are having difficulties finding flower pots that fit on your porch, your best option might be to make your own plant pots.

Wooden Planters

Wooden planters have become increasingly popular, but can be pricey. Making your own only takes a few hours and can be much more cost-effective.

Doing it yourself also gives you the freedom to make a porch planter with specific dimensions. You also have the ability to stain it any color you’d like to complement your house.

Tiered Planters

Making your own unique planter can be simple. Stacked terra cotta pots are great because you can have more of a variety of plants than tall planters. They also take up less space when they are tiered which makes them perfect for small porches.

Tiered planters are easy to personalize by adding house numbers and initials or painting them to add a pop of color to your front porch.

Choosing Plants

Bright and colorful flowers are an excellent way to boost curb appeal. When it comes to front porch plant ideas, it is important to think about how much light your front porch receives.

Part sun plants that are planted in full sun are likely to have scorched leaves, which may lead to you losing the plant.

Impatiens and pansies are known for their bright colors thrive in part sun. They have colorful flowers all season and you will need to replant them annually.

Boston ferns are great to have because you can keep them year-round. They prefer full to partial shade. This makes them excellent indoor plants, but they can also be grown outdoors.

Boston ferns thrive in warm conditions, which makes them perfect outdoor plants in the summer. Remember to water them often because they are not drought tolerant.

Since they thrive in warm weather, when the weather becomes cool, be sure to move them indoors.

Some excellent full sun plants for your front porch planters are petunias and million bells. These are particularly great for hanging baskets because they are trailing flowers, but look beautiful as they spill over any planter.

Final Thoughts

Improving your front porch with planters is easy. Flower pots and tall planters create a welcoming outdoor entryway, sometimes in just a few minutes. Lining porch steps with small pots is a wonderful way to add color to your front porch. With a little work, front porch planters can take your curb appeal to a whole new level!

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