Brick Fireplace Ideas

A brick fireplace is a classic feature in many homes. Exposed brick adds gorgeous texture to any room and makes for a beautiful focal point.

And whether you are looking at brick fireplace ideas for new construction, updating an old brick fireplace, or budget-friendly decor ideas, you’ve come to the right place!

To Paint or Not To Paint?

A painted brick fireplace has become an easy, budget-friendly way to give fireplaces a completely new look. One of the best benefits of painting your brick fireplace is the endless color options. Whether your fireplace matches the surrounding walls, or you choose a bold color, a fresh coat of paint will make any old fireplace feel brand new.

One thing to consider before painting is that removing paint from brick can be a long and labor-intensive process.

Painted White Brick Fireplace

A white brick fireplace, white built-in shelving, and white walls give this living room a crisp and cohesive look.

Black Paint Brick Fireplace

Dark color paint gives your fireplace brick a modern touch. It is also an excellent choice for camouflaging ash on a wood-burning fireplace.

Whitewashed Brick

White-washed brick can give a wonderful rustic touch and can help tone down harsh red bricks. To whitewash, make a concoction of half white latex paint and half water.

German Schmear

For a heavily distressed look, German schmear is a great option. This is done by using white mortar to create thick grout lines and then smearing the remaining mortar across the brick. This technique is perfect for a farmhouse style home.

Tall Brick Fireplace

A floor-to-ceiling stunning brick fireplace provides a dramatic effect in this traditional living room.

New Mantel Design

A simple fireplace with a neutral color palette is a timeless fireplace design. A fireplace surround is a great way to accent your fireplace.

Wood Mantels

One of the great things about a brick fireplace mantel is the variety of textures and colors you can use. Whether you choose a thin and sleek or chunky wood mantel, they provide the perfect space for adding home decor.

Wooden Ceiling Beams

Exposed beams that compliment this dark wood mantel give this living space a rustic charm and homey feel.

White Mantel

A crisp mantel with white molding gives this white-washed fireplace a shabby chic look.

Double Sided Red Brick Fireplace

Photo Credit Ann Vanderwiel Wilde

Double-sided brick fireplaces serve as excellent dividers for open floor plans. They create an inviting feel on both sides and give homeowners perfect areas to host.

Brick Patterns

Patterns in brick add visual appeal to the space and make it a wonderful focal point in this living room.

Corner Fireplace

A large brick fireplace makes a beautiful design statement. Although brick fireplaces are usually found in living rooms, a fireplace in the kitchen creates a homey living space.

Brick Hearth

Although it’s far from modern trends, nothing is more cozy than a traditional red brick hearth with a wood-burning stove. Gorgeous architecture makes this brick hearth a focal point in this room.

This is a perfect example of a traditional fireplace with a touch of modern style.


A brick fireplace is a beautiful focal point of any home. A floor-to-ceiling fireplace is a breathtaking feature in any home, and arches and brick patterns make an enviable fireplace design. Painted brick is an excellent way to give your brick fireplace a makeover. Elevate your home with these brick fireplace ideas!

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