Pantry Shelving Ideas

Pantry shelving makes all the difference when it comes to organization in the kitchen. Who hasn’t found long-lost expired food items every once in a while deep in the shelves? Reduce food waste and make the most out of your kitchen pantry with these pantry organization ideas, regardless of how much storage space you have.

Walk In Pantry

A walk in pantry is one of the best kitchen storage solutions. With these pantries, you’re sure to have enough space for snack foods, cleaning supplies, small appliances, and other kitchen accessories.

Maximize your space by using storage containers that can easily stack on each other if you have tall shelves.

Pantry Door Storage

For many people, shelf space in their pantry is very limited. Adding a shallow shelving unit on the back of a pantry door is the perfect way to use dead space and add more storage space to a small pantry. Small items like spices are easy to find and less likely to get lost.

Lazy Susan Shelves

Corners are the epitome of wasted space in pantries (and cabinets). These hard-to-reach corners are the perfect place for things to get lost.

Thankfully, lazy susans can solve just about all your corner problems. These circular shelves rotate, meaning no items will be getting lost in the “back”. They provide easy access to anything to put on them.

One drawback to lazy susans is that you may lose a little space. However, the benefits of a lazy susan far outweigh the drawbacks.

Rolling Shelves

Rolling shelves are the perfect way to add functionality to your pantry, especially if you have a deep pantry. They make organizing and finding things much easier, particularly on the bottom shelves. These pull out shelves are a quick project that works with nearly any cabinet pantry.

Wood Shelves

Upgrading your wire shelving to wood is an easy project. Although wire shelves get the job done, smaller items sometimes fall through and it makes it harder to use additional shelf inserts on top of wire shelves. Wood shelves are gorgeous, and wood stains come in a variety of colors, giving you the perfect custom pantry!

Adjustable Shelves

Whether you’re storing cereal boxes or canned foods, shelves that are spaced too far apart or too close are nothing short of annoying. They leave you with wasted space, or wondering where to put your taller items.

Adjustable shelves are an excellent solution to this problem. They’re sturdy, easy to install, and allow you to set the height of shelves based on your needs. These are a great pantry shelving unit option.

Canned Goods

These nifty pantry shelving systems are a great way to keep everything in sight. Tiered inserts are perfect for shelves that have lots of vertical space or for deep shelves. They are also an easy DIY project that you can make to fit your pantry perfectly.

Another great way to store canned goods is by using an organizer that stores cans on their sides. It makes the best use of the space you have and keeps things within easy reach.

Glass Canisters

Open shelving can be beautiful in a home. However, without having a door or cabinets to keep any mess out of sight, an open kitchen pantry can make your home look cluttered and messy.

Glass jars are a great solution for making a beautiful and organized pantry space. The pantry shelving ideas with glass jars are endless. You can find a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Add fun fonts to label them to create the perfect pantry shelf.

Coffee Station

Dedicate a small portion of your kitchen to create a coffee station. Use a buffet table or an old dresser to create ample storage space for more than just coffee. It’s also great for small appliances.

On the wall space above it, add a few floating shelves giving you more storage space. Use stylish jars for storing coffee and drink-related goods, and treat the space like your other pantry shelves.

Coat Closet Makeover

Many homes do not have a designated pantry, which leaves you storing pantry items in your cabinets. If you have a coat or other closet nearby, you can easily turn it into a small pantry. Clean out your closet, install shelves, and you have a brand new pantry! Birch Landing Home has a great blog post about transforming her coat closet into a pantry.

Tight On Space?

Sometimes there just isn’t enough pantry space. And if you are a renter, you’re probably not going to be allowed to drill excessively to install pantry shelving. Thankfully, if you have floor space, you can add a kitchen rack.

Metal racks are strong, and sturdy, and often come with wheels which can be very convenient. Wooden racks have a more natural appeal to them. If you’re opting for a free standing rack to solve your storage needs, choosing aesthetically pleasing storage containers, plastic bins, and baskets will be key to keeping your space looking clean and organized.

Undershelf Baskets

For extra shelves without any work, opt for undershelf wire baskets. These slide onto the bottom shelf without any installation.

Roll Out Custom Pantry

Narrow spaces in your kitchen don’t have to be wasted. Add extra shelving with a custom roll out food storage space. It’s a great place for spices and other go-to ingredients in the kitchen.

Open Shelves Pantry

Floating and open shelving is nothing new when it comes to kitchens. For the last few years, many homeowners have been removing cabinet doors and cabinets to opt for open shelving.

Doing the same with a pantry is a great way to keep a theme throughout your home. Tuck your pantry items in cute jars and baskets to make the room feel complete.


Kitchen pantry design and shelving make a huge difference when it comes to the organization and functionality of your kitchen. There are many quick fixes to add to a small pantry, such as undershelf baskets and shelf inserts.

Large pantries allow for a variety of shelving options, such as open shelves. They also leave space for larger items, such as small appliances. Regardless of your pantry size, there are many ways to upgrade your pantry!

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