15 Wonderful Wood Accent Wall Ideas To Instantly Elevate Your Space

Wood on walls has become a surging trend, popping up in new homes, flips, and as a DIY project for homeowners. And no, we aren’t talking about 70’s wood paneling making a coming back.

Rethink wood as a material to add character, pattern, and style to your home.

Elevate your accent wall further than just a new paint color. There are endless ways to install a wood accent wall to enhance any room in your house.

Before you begin, make sure your planks have a smooth surface to avoid any splinters and imperfections.

Natural Wood Accent Wall

Using a natural wood stain is a timeless neutral, adding a stunning style to any room and decor. Wood looks great under any light, but especially natural light.

Wood Slats

Wood slats are more than just a mid-century design. They are a perfect option for modern and contemporary homes too. These thin vertical lines create a textured wall but still leave a room feeling clean and fresh.

Natural Horizontal Planks

You can’t go wrong with staying true to the natural look of wood. Adding a subtle stain or a warm wood finish with natural light creates a picturesque living space.

To The Ceiling, To The Wall

Love the wood slat look? Continue it up your ceiling for a contemporary and cozy look.

Wood ceiling beams have become increasingly popular. What better way to compliment them than by creating a matching wood accent wall?


Fireplaces are a beautiful focal point in any home. Adding a partial wood accent wall around it gives it a modern style. Matching wood furniture to the accent wall allows your entire room to have a sophisticated look.

This dark wood fireplace is the perfect way to add contrast to the white room.

Rustic Reclaimed Accent Wall

Not only is it cost-effective (and sometimes free), reclaimed wood is sustainable, helping reduce deforestation. The varying colors of the wood give the final result a variety of neutrals, complimenting any room.

Rustic Modern

Combine a rustic theme with a modern look by using natural-colored wood planks with modern elements like white furniture.

Keep It Simple

If you’re not ready to commit to an entire wall, use wood as a small accent. Wood details from the sides or top of the wall give any room an added element of texture and depth.

Natural Geometric

An intricate design will be its own work of art on your accent wall. However, it will require much more planning. Remember, measure twice, cut once!

Angled Natural Wood

Angled natural wood planks make the wall seem more flowing. Bringing them to an upward peak can also give the illusion of a taller ceiling. The natural color pairs excellently with white walls, giving a clean, but cozy feel.


A small area covered in wood slices gives your home style and acts as a stunning piece of art.

Add Some Paint

A painted wood accent wall doesn’t have to end at white shiplap. Whether you prefer a neutral or bright color, incorporating paint along with wood is an excellent way to make your accent wall stand out.


There’s no reason for wainscoting to stop halfway up the wall. Using it floor to ceiling is a simple and easy way to increase visual appeal in any room.

Geometric Accents

Kids’ bedrooms and nurseries are an excellent use of geometric wood accent walls. You can skip having to change bedroom decor and style as children age because the accent wall alone gives the room decor and character for years to come.

Abstract patterns are also great at hiding any imperfections, especially if this is one of your first DIY projects.

Dry Brush

For a natural look with a few pops of color, consider dry brushing. To dry brush, dip your brush in paint, remove as much paint as possible when wiping on the side of the paint can, and paint as you normally would. This gives a rustic look.

However, you could paint boards as thoroughly as you like to achieve your desired look!

If you like colorful planks but aren’t keen on painting, many companies make colored wood stains that would allow your natural wood grain to show through.

Play with Patterns

Playing with patterns to create your own design is one of the best and easiest ways to personalize your space.

The master bedroom is another ideal place for painted wood. It is an easy way for adults to add accent wall color and texture while also having endless options of color choices.

Final Thoughts

Wood accent walls are an attainable project to complete in your own home. Whether you’re looking to create a rustic, modern, or elegant look, wood accent installation can make a huge difference in your house!

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