How To Add Curb Appeal To A Flat Front House

Whether you have a colonial, ranch, or another style house with a flat front, exterior renovating is one of the best ways to boost curb appeal. Too often homeowners have kept an excellent interior, but the house itself is overlooked. Improving curb appeal is especially important if you are thinking about selling your home.

The most prominent issue with a flat front house is that it lacks architectural features. The good news is that you can manipulate the features of your home to add curb appeal. Focal points, depth, and dimension are the three most important factors when it comes to renovating flat front homes.

Add A Front Porch

The biggest transformation you could make to your flat front home is to do an exterior remodel. Adding a front porch gives your home instant depth, something it was previously lacking.

Although adding a front porch gives you fantastic results, it is also one of the most expensive ways to update your flat front home, costing thousands of dollars. The good news is that there are many other options to add curb appeal that are less expensive.

Build A Pergola

You might be wondering why pergolas are not covered and if they are beneficial. The slatted roof provides some shade throughout the day without having constant complete coverage, allowing more natural light to reach your home.

Another benefit of a porch pergola is that there are many places to hang planters and outdoor lights. A porch pergola is an excellent way to add texture to your home, and adding a porch swing is a great way to finish the look. Pergolas are also more cost-effective than front porches.

Add An Awning

Awnings are a great alternative to building a porch or pergola and are popular in colonial-style homes. They are much more affordable and add a covered space at your door. Aside from installation, they require no structural changes to your home. Because they extend from your house, they add dimension to your flat front house and are an easy way to add curb appeal.

Contrasting Colors And Textures

One of the best things to do to create dimension is to work with contrasting colors and other textures. It’s amazing what a simple fresh coat of paint can do to the exterior of your home.

This home is the perfect example of what you can accomplish without any structural changes. The dark garage door and front door contrast against the white house and the cedar shingles add texture.

Adding texture such as these stone panels draw the eye to different areas of your home, breaking up the monotony of a single-colored house.

Update The Front Door

Whether they are guests or passersby, your front door is something that people will notice. A pop of color on your front door creates a focal point and draws attention away from the even exterior of your home. Colored front doors have become increasingly popular in recent years and offer a great contrast to the other colors in your house.

Add Decorative Shutters

An easy way to dress up windows is to add shutters. Shutters create contrast between the color of the house and incorporate texture. They give the illusion of wider windows and cover what would otherwise be blank space. They are an excellent way to add focal points.

Replace Your Garage Door

Garage doors take up a substantial amount of space in the front of your house. Because they are already large, they draw attention to themselves. Garage doors are an easy way to complement other doors, posts, or shutters in your home.

In addition to that, they give your home a modern look. In recent years, cedar and other types of wood have made a huge comeback. Another great thing about replacing a garage door is that there is an excellent return on investment should you decide to sell.

Landscaping Ideas

Adding curb appeal to your flat front house goes beyond the home itself. Landscaping plays a huge role in any home when trying to boost curb appeal. Flower beds, mailbox landscaping, and a well-kept lawn give your front yard a welcoming look.

One thing you can always count on when it comes to colonial homes is symmetry. This can extend to the exterior landscaping of your home too. Potted plants are great to put near the front door and are easy to maintain.

Ranch style and other similar types of flat front homes are one story without many tall structures. When landscaping in front of the house, be sure to choose shrubs that are easy to maintain so that they do not block the front of the house, especially windows. Planting low shrubs and adding window boxes gives space to add extra greenery without blocking your home.

Key Takeaways

The best thing to keep in mind when thinking about how to increase curb appeal to a flat front house is how to add dimension, depth, and focal points. Projects can range from a remodel to a simple coat of paint. These tips will make your flat front house considerably more attractive and add the curb appeal you’ve been looking for!

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