What is a Real Estate Wholesaler?

What is Wholesaling? Should I Sell My House to a Wholesaler?

You may or may not be familiar with wholesaling real estate. But if you are planning to sell a house in the near future, it is something you should pay attention to. Many of the signs that say “We buy houses for cash!” are actually wholesalers. But what does this mean?

What is a Seller Carry Back?

Seller Carry Back – Make Interest Like a Bank

Did you know there are more ways to sell a house than the traditional route where the buyer goes to the bank to get a loan? One of these ways is when the seller finances a portion of the purchase price – also known as a seller carry back loan. This is one of the financing strategies that fall under the umbrella of owner financing.

What is the Difference Between Earnest Money and a Down Payment

Earnest Money vs Down Payment – What’s the Difference?

Several terms get thrown around in the real estate industry (earnest money deposit, down payment, escrow account, contingencies, agent commissions, and more). For those that aren’t heavily involved with real estate, these terms can be overwhelming, and most have accepted that they will always be confused. The purpose of this article is to make a distinction between an earnest money deposit and a down payment. We will define what they are and the intricacies of each one.

What is an All Cash Offer in Real Estate?

What is an All Cash Offer in Real Estate?

Cash offers have always been around in real estate, but they have exploded in the last few years with the emergence of iBuyers, hedge funds, and prospective homeowners just trying to get a leg up on the competition. But what does a cash offer on a house mean exactly? It can certainly simplify the process of selling a house, but there are also a few misconceptions surrounding them.

What is the Value of My Home?

How Much Is My House Worth? How Accurate Is the Zestimate?

With the crazy market fluctuations we’ve seen over the past couple of years, many homeowners are wondering, “How much is my home worth?” The problem is that there are countless home value estimates available to homeowners – Zillow Zestimate, letters from agents, the house that sold down the street, and more!

Mistakes To Avoid When Selling Your House

54. Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid When Selling A House

I want to highlight 10 mistakes commonly made when selling a house. These errors can cost homeowners thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. Do you want to make a $10,000 mistake when you sell? With house prices soaring, any minor mistakes are now amplified. And this means if you make an error, you miss out on cash at closing!

Sell Your Home With Water Damage

49. How to Sell Your House with Water Damage

It is not uncommon for water damage to happen in homes. It can be caused by many things, such as roof leaks or leaky pipes, but the water is often just sitting there until it causes a bigger problem. If you are thinking about selling your house and know it has water damage, this article will help you sell your home faster than ever before! We’ll go over some common causes of water damage and how to fix them so that you can get this issue behind you.

The Challenges Of Selling A Home With Termite Damage

47. The Challenges Of Selling A House With Termite Damage

A termite infestation is an expensive problem for any homeowner to deal with. Not only does it cause structural damage, but termites can also eat away at your home’s value and make it difficult to sell. There are two ways you can go about getting rid of termites before selling your house: (1) repairing the termite damage yourself or (2) selling to a cash buyer who doesn’t care if there’s termite damage because they specialize in repairing homes. We’ll discuss both options below!

Best Way To Sell Your Home In Foreclosure Fast

46. The Best Way to Sell My House Fast Before Foreclosure

We will buy your house in Decatur Alabama that is in foreclosure. We are local home buyers that buy properties fast and in cash! Selling your house to us is the fastest and safest way to avoid foreclosure. When you sell your home to us, you won’t have to worry about making repairs or dealing with showings. We’ll even make up your back payments!

How to Sell Your House Without an Agent in Huntsville

If you’ve decided to sell your home or property in Huntsville, you’ve probably spent a lot of time thinking about real estate agents. For many people, the thought of selling your home without a real estate agent is a nightmare. Open houses, closing paperwork, and renovations can be overwhelming, and paying an agent to sell … Continued

Help! I Missed A Mortgage Payment!

17. Help! I Missed A Mortgage Payment!

Help! I Missed A Mortgage Payment! For the average American household, owning a home is an important financial goal and a major source of personal pride. But what happens when you miss a mortgage payment? Your credit score will drop drastically, making it difficult to get approved for new loans or even rent an apartment. … Continued